Private lessons 30 minute session=$40  

Semi private/group session 2 riders  45 minute session =$40 per rider

Evaluation Screenings for All New Participants=$40

We offer a Complimentary consultation prior to the rider's screening

Lesson times:


Monday 8:30-2

Tuesday 2:30-6

Wednesday 8:30-2

Thursdays 8:30-2:00

Friday 8:30-2

Saturday 8:30-2


Monday 1:00-5:30pm

Tuesday 1:00-5:30

Wednesday 8:30-1:00 and 3:00-5:30

Thursday 12:00-5:30

Friday 8:30-1;00 and 3:00-5:30

Saturday 8:30-2:00

Our lessons are designed to meet the needs of each individual, and, by utilizing the skills of horsemanship; we are able to reach personalized therapeutic goals. Each rider is encouraged to be as independent as possible while both on the horse and off.

We offer both private and semi-private lessons. Most students begin with private lessons to assure a solid foundation in the basics of riding skills. Semi-private lessons consist of 2-4 riders and offer our students a great socialization experience. In Semi-private lessons additional volunteers are present to provide the individual attention that is needed for each rider.

In addition to riding lessons, all riders are encouraged to participate in our two “at home” Horse Shows that we have each year. All of our riders take home ribbons and trophies and great memories of a fun-filled day. Horse show classes are age and ability appropriate and designed for 100% success!

RideAbility offers four riding sessions throughout the year. Our series run approximately 10-12 weeks and classes are offered 5 days a week. Each session is orientated towards the participants identified horsemanship and therapeutic goals.

Whatever the event, a common theme of every lesson is to provide each and every rider with the chance to develop their sense of teamwork and awareness of others.  Whether that be with their horse, their instructor, their volunteers, their fellow riders, or a combination of all of these... developing a sense of teamwork and social skills are part of everything we do.  With the combination of safety as a priority, RideAbility P.A.T.H.-certified instructor, Equine Director and owner Wendy Schonfeld along with her team of specially trained horses and caring volunteers provide a team second to none.

RideAbility is an Approved Special Olympics Equestrian Training Center.  We have over 30 Certified Special Olympics coaches at our center.  We train athletes and help them prepare for State Games. The 10 week program begins in May and July.  


Our center is proud to be a Special Olympics Equestrian Training Center and a P.A.T.H. Member Center.

RideAbility is a United Way Agency    



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