We are underway fundraising for our covered area.  

Please email us RideAbility for information on donating to our center.

A huge thank you to volunteer leader Haley Park and EVERYONE who helped us 

raise the money for our Equestrian Lift.  We will now be able to serve more 

people that might have had challenges mounting and dismounting our 

horses.We are super excited to have it delivered mid September. Our equipment 

was ordered as well as now it is not on our WISH LIST. How great is that

 A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE York County Community Foundation.  They approved us 

$1000 towards this saddle. We also have a Bank of America Matching Fund for $300.  

This saddle is designed to assist and help our more severe physically challenged riders.  


Items for the barn & horses

§   *Hay from our Hay supplier every Spring Cut $1600- Donations through paypal on this site is wonderful

*  Gift cards to Lewis Feed in Gastonia to purchase Tribute feed Kalm Ultra and Essential K PLUS.  

   We are in great need of food 365 days a year. We go through many bags a month to keep our horses healthy and happy.

* Tractor Supply gift cards

 *  Hoof oil 

*  Fly Spray

§  *Horse Shampoo

§  *Horse treats- CARROTS ARE AMAZING

§  *Coppertox Thrush treatment

*   Wound Spray

§  *Lime and fertilizer for pastures

Items for the Volunteer lounge

·        *Snacks

·        *Toilet paper

·        *Paper towels

·        *Water

*      * Gatorade

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