Year-Round Equestrian Therapeutic Center for  & Special Needs Children & Adults and Veterans

       Proven to Bring Healing to the Forefront.  We are an approved 501(c) 3.  

Clover, SC---Dr. Wendy Schonfeld, is a Chiropractor of 30 years, P.A.T.H. (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) Certified Instructor and Special Olympics Advanced Coach is proud to share with you,  RideAbility Therapeutic Riding Center in Clover, S.C.  Nestled in the countryside of York County, S.C. in the town of Clover, just eight miles from Lake Wylie and less than 25 miles from Charlotte, NC, RideAbility will offer year-round horseback riding lessons for  children and adults with special ABILITIES NOT DISABILITIES. Just watch what our riders can do!  Rider screenings are scheduled weekly.  Call us for an appointment.      

Our amazing certified PATH instructors and Advanced Special Olympics Equestrian Coaches are 

Cynthia Stansell and Rachel McGarvey

PATH Instructors in training for 2021:
Shayna Mann and Madison Lovelace.  
We are excited to have them join our team.

Through personalized lesson plans and exercises, RideAbility students will learn horsemanship skills as well as right-left discrimination, sequencing, language development, listening skills and cooperation, side by side their standard therapy. Additionally, program will aim to increase self-esteem, concentration and confidence; the team at RideAbility is also committed to helping its clientele improve muscle strength, mobility, body control, coordination and balance. At the same time riders HAVE FUN!  Private and group lessons are available. RideAbility is non-profit 501(c) 3.

“We are thrilled that RideAbility offers this much-needed program to the community. We combine equestrian techniques and reinforce what the rider is already working on in therapy and at home in a very unique way, using gentle horses as facilitators.  Our riders will learn how to hone the skills of traditional horsemanship--and in turn increase their self-esteem & overcome many physical and mental limitations. At RideAbility, we add to the skills of standard therapies by offering a rich and success-driven outdoor program.”

Volunteer opportunities are open to individuals 14 years old and older and include but not limited to leading lessons, horse & stable care, peer mentoring and fundraising; community service hours will also be awarded.

Adds Schonfeld, “Volunteers will be the backbone of our program and we will depend almost exclusively on them to help carry out the daily functions of our center.  They will be at the core and in the hearts of RideAbility and its students."


Special Olympics Equestrian Training Center for both South and North Carolina

 PATH Member Center:  

Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship

Following strict standards and educations for the care of our participants.





We are super excited to once again become a Guardian of the Equus Foundation for the amazing 2020 year. For the amazing horse care we give our incredible horses and their awesome work they do. Sharing with the public our extensive data about our program, horse care practices and governance.  We are honored and blessed to be a part of the Equus Foundation. Here’s to the honor for 2020 too. We love our horses and the wonderful work they do with our riders.     

We are proud to be Guardian's of the Equus Foundation

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