How do I become a participant in the riding program?

All individuals interested in becoming a participant must complete the following forms: Located under Riders Forms.
  • Application & Health History, Liability Release
  • Emergency Medical Consent and Photo/Video Consent
  • Physicians Statement (must be completed and signed by the Physician, PT, Psychologist, Psychiatrist).   
An evaluation must be completed and therapeutic riding recommended.  Call today for information on screening process.
Some contraindications may prevent mounted activities, or participation in some programs.

What happens once the paperwork is received?

  • If the paperwork reflects that the applicant can safely be served, the applicant will be call to schedule a lesson
  • If another evaluation is necessary by your PT or OT we will let you know

What happens once I am offered a lesson day and time?

  • Once a lesson day and time has been scheduled, you will be scheduled to attend an intake with the instructor that will be teaching your lesson.

What will take place at the intake?

  • You will receive a tour of the facility, meet your instructor, review paperwork, discuss individual goals, and RideAbility‚Äôs policies and procedures. There will also be a question and answer opportunity for the  staff as well as the participant.

Is any special attire required?

  • Everyone taking riding lessons must wear an ASTM/SEI certified helmet. RideAbility has an assortment of ASTM/SEI helmets for client use.
  • Long pants are mandatory.
  • Clients must wear a closed heel, closed toe shoe. A boot or shoe with a heel is recommended, but not required.
  • During winter months it is suggested you dress in layers and wear gloves.

What is the cost?

  • Private 30 minute sessions $40 (provides one-on-one with instructor)
  • Group 45 minute sessions  2-4 riders  $40 per rider  (great for socialization and interaction)

At RideAbility We Believe Riding is for Everyone!

Interested in Therapeutic Riding at RideAbility? Call Wendy Schonfeld Equine/Therapeutic Riding Director at  803-222-6008

If you or someone you know might be interested in sponsoring a RideAbility rider or one of our amazing horse, email us at  

RideAbility Therapeutic Riding Center is a proud . P.A.T.H. Member Center Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship

RideAbility is a Special Olympics Equestrian Training Center for both South and North Carolina. We have over 25 Special Olympics Coaches

                                   In the United States, therapeutic riding is governed by the Professional Association

                                                                      of Therapeutic Horsemenship.

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