Equine Services for Heroes

Spring 2021 Registration begins in February

Email us at rideabilitysc@gmail.com to reserve your spot

Beginning April 6 , 2021  for 8 weeks from 12:00-1:00pm.  You can join in at anytime.

 RideAbility's Veterans Program provides services for veterans in our community. Our  goal is to give those who have served our country an opportunity to learn or rediscover equestrian sports and successfully master a new skill, while providing a foundation for positive experiences and improved well being.  We are under the PATH International (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) Equine Services for Heroes Program. Our goal is to assist veterans in their recovery and help with reintegration back into their community. 


 If you have not received the paperwork, it is located on this site under rider's forms. We are able to email them to you and mail to you if needed.

The doctors clearance takes time to receive back. Please have your doctor complete and sign the physician statement


  • Physical:. Veterans with mobility impairments, including amputations and spinal cord injuries, benefit from this replicated gait, which may ultimately assist some participants in relearning how to walk.
  • Social: The farm environment provides a safe, worry-free atmosphere for veterans to share concerns and rebuild trust and coping mechanisms by building horsemanship skills.
  • Cognitive: Focus on the tasks at hand reintegrate and reinforce reasoning and decision-making abilities. With the horse as gentle partner, cognitive skills are enhanced while preparing for and participating in activities that include learning about the horses, equipment and barn.
  • Emotional: Bonding with a large animal has proven to be physically relaxing and emotionally calming.

Learning new skills and accomplishing personal goals enhances healthy self-concept which ultimately translates to work and home environments.


RideAbility Therapeutic Riding Center in Clover S.C.  proudly supports the physical, the psychological recovery and well-being of military personnel, veterans and families.  Call to find out more about this program.  

Sprint 2021 Begins in April

Call 803-222-6008 to find out information 



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